Node js vs ASP NET: Which One Is A Better For Web Development?

Flaskis a Python-based micro web framework that does not require specific libraries and tools. This backend does not have form validation, a database abstraction layer, or components that require functions from external sources.

There isn’t a great corollary for .NET in the Javascript world, and that’s because of Javascript’s origins in the browser as a way to interact with the DOM. So, it’s based around classes as templates of behavior and creating instances of those classes to encapsulate state, similar to Javascript’s new class syntax. For example a type could be a class, a primitive , or an interface . You might be using VanillaJs or a library like jQuery, D3, Moment or Lodash to help you add some spice to your web apps. You have been using Javascript for the past X years to add interactivity to web sites and applications. This added significant build time as they rose in number and having flaky false positives made you lose faith in those tests. This impacted our productivity as the feedback loop got longer.

Pros of using Ember

Developers often find themselves stuck in a constant learning cycle which keeps rendering their previous knowledge useless or defunct. Many developers might feel that React has a much steeper curve and bloated complexity when compared to key rival framework Vue,js or any other frontend JavaScript framework. This ensured that a child element cannot affect the parent making the code more stable and less prone to errors.

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This drastically reduced the time needed to introduce and check new changes. Reusing views was painful as you also needed to know which JavaScript files were required for partial views which made people create mvc developer a new view even if it had minor differences. Also the code ended up being specific to the view which meant that you needed to create code all the way from the view to the back end for every route.


I would rather not use custom .NET controls and handle the HTML/JavaScript myself. I do a lot of Java web development as well so having a good understanding of the underlying HTML/JavaScript/CSS is important to me. I just released a major public site on the MVC platform after using webforms for all previous projects. Prior to MVC the focus was on a different paradigm that attempted to bridge the gap between desktop .NET Forms UI development and the web — this is called ASP.NET Web Forms. It’s still a supported technology but no greenfield development is being done here and more importantly it’s not part of .NET Core, while MVC most definitely is. ASP.NET got its name from another Microsoft web technology called ASP , which existed before .NET and is very similar to PHP.

does an mvc developer need to know a javascript framework

On the other side, if we want better performance in the case of a multi-threaded application, we should use node.js. So as per the project requirement, we can choose the language.

Criterion #6:Language

Gatsby automatically compiles the most appropriate webpack config and handles optimisation, prefetching, lazy loading and fast rendering by default to maximise your website’s performance. Server Side Rendering –Next.js has SSR(server-side rendering) out of the box to deliver much faster performance as it doesn’t have to wait for the client’s browser to load JavaScript to show content. SSR also sometimes referred to as “static pre-rendering” starts to render HTML from the server even before JavaScript code has been downloaded in the client’s browser and executed. As a result initial render of the application is available even when code is still loading in the background. Instead, you build components boilerplate-free in simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

What is the use of JavaScript in MVC?

The MVC architecture is very useful in JavaScript as it offers more than allowing developers to create modular code. For instance, since the Model in MVC returns data without formatting, the same components can be called for use in different interfaces. This allows for code reusability.

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